Many of us shop at the Walmart in Sedalia.  You may or may not be a fan of it, for various reasons. I personally have always wondered why they pay for a Walmart "greeter" at the doorways, but won't pay for cashiers so you don't have to use the self-checkout.  But I digress.

If you have ever thought our location in Sedalia looked a little old, or dated or perhaps a little unclean, then perhaps this may be good news for you.  Walmart Inc. on Tuesday announced plans to invest an estimated $240 million this year in the state of Missouri to update and remodel 41 stores.  Lets hope Sedalia is one of them.

The company said its store updates will expand shopping options by offering pick up, delivery and express deliveries, or deliveries in under two hours. The updates will also make the company’s Walmart+ membership program available to more customers.  You can read a bit more HERE.

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In more Walmart news, if you are looking to pick up some extra money as the holidays are coming soon, the company also announced that they plan to hire 40,000 U.S. workers for the holidays, a majority of them seasonal workers.

The move announced Wednesday comes as the nation’s largest retailer and largest private employer said it is in a stronger staffing position heading into the holidays than last year. Walmart said it is now focusing on hiring seasonal workers only, rather than permanent workers.

I worked for Walmart when I was very young, and actually opened a store.  I am not sure how much the company has changed over the years.  But in the short term, if you know anyone who is looking for work, or something to do to keep themselves busy, no doubt there will be shifts to be had in the next few months.

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