Every April thousands of individuals across America come together to send the message that all children deserve to be safe and loved. Child Safe of Central Missouri is part of this effort through raising awareness about child sexual and physical abuse, and providing services to victims of child abuse and their safe caregivers as they go through the difficult experience of  a child abuse investigation. This April you can help Child Safe of Central Missouri continue to provide both community awareness about child abuse, and provide much needed help to children that need it by purchasing their Stand Against Child Abuse T-shirt.

In case you're unfamiliar with Child Safe of Central Missouri. Child Safe is a Children's Advocacy Center. As a Child Advocacy Center Child Safe provide children and teenagers who are victims of abuse a safe place to provide a formal and detailed account of their abuse called a forensic interview. A place where they only need to give their statement once. And it's done so in a way where what is disclosed can legally be used in court.

In addition to this, Child Safe of Central Missouri provides help for the family when their child is undergoing their forensic interview. And therapy for both the victim and his or her family or safe caregivers as part of the recovery process. Child Safe also provides training for their staff, and others in the community, including those in professions that are mandated by law to report child abuse. Finally, Child Safe of Central Missouri conducts outreach activities talking about child abuse, being a better parent, and the services they offer.

All of these services are offered to victims and their families free of charge. And it is a need here in our community and across America. One in ten children will be the victim of sexual abuse before their 18 birthday. Of the children who are abused 20% will be abused before their eighth birthday. And 90% know their abuser. Locally Child Safe provided services to 411 children in 2018 and the average cost of providing services to each of these children was around $2,000.

So how can you help? You can help by purchasing Child Safe's Stand Against Child Abuse T-shirt. And then wearing it. You'll be helping provide valuable funding to a very necessary cause. And when you wear it, you're helping Child Safe of of Central Missouri take a stand against child abuse.

You can learn more about what Child Safe does here. You can get some quick facts on child sexual abuse from Darkness to Light here. And if you NEED HELP you can get that HERE or you can call 1-800-392-3738.

T-shirts are $20 and all proceeds go to Child Safe of Central Missouri. You can order yours here.

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