Health care reform legislation introduced by State Rep. John Wiemann (R-103) would give MO HealthNet recipients greater options for treating back pain.

A much-needed reform to Missouri’s Medicaid program is needed, so the introduction of this new bill will allow for more health care options for patients who need treatment for back pain. Options would be available for the patients to see a chiropractic physician to address back pain.

According to Wiemann this health care reform bill does not add any new funding and could result in savings for taxpayers with HealthNet recipients seeking less costly alternatives for their back pain.

This would give patients a choice rather than forcing them to seek treatment at emergency rooms or with a more expensive physician to treat back pain. Along with the treatment by a chiropractor, it would help alleviate the need for opiod prescriptions for the pain. 

Studies suggest integrated care from chiropractic physicians could decrease the number of opioid prescriptions by up to 77 percent in patients suffering from chronic pain, and save the state between $12.9 million and $21 million a year.

Hongqi Zhang


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