With spring at our doorstep we're entering the peak severe weather season. One of the best ways to do that is to stay weather aware. The National Weather service has a very valuable tip to help you do just that.

Have multiple ways to receive weather warnings. In fact the National Weather Service says you should be able to receive weather warning three different ways.

Some of the ways you can get weather warnings include:

-Radio and television station warnings. Kix 105.7, Awesome 92.3 and KSIS Radio 1050 all air weather warnings from the National Weather Service and other sources. Television stations out of Columbia and Kansas City to do a good job as well.

-Wireless Emergency alerts and weather apps through your phone. (I paid for a severe weather app that uses GPS positioning to alert me to weather warnings that will have an impact where I am. For example, if I'm in Warrensburg, and the severe weather is the other side of Johnson County, it won't alert me. It works where I am too, without me having to tell it where I am. So if I'm traveling and weather is an issue it will alert me.)

-Outdoor Sirens. These are usually designed for people to hear in parks, outdoor recreation areas, college campuses etc. Places where people may be outdoors and not have access to other warning systems. That said, in many towns and places I've lived I can hear it inside too.

-NOAA Weather Radio. A radio designed to warn you in the event of a weather emergency.

-The Internet. Websites like noaa.gov, the weather channel, local television and radio station websites, community facebook pages. There's a plethora of places on the net you can go to stay up to date when severe weather is in your area.

-Family, friends and co-workers. You can stay in the loop or pass along warnings / watches etc. to family, friends and co-workers.

I keep myself weather aware using four or five of these sources, I suspect many of you are doing the same. Stay safe this spring, stay informed.


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