The method of delivering music to us over the years has definitely changed. When you grew up, especially in your teen years, what was your favorite? I know it changed for me from when I was a pre-teenager up to what I listen to today.

If you were a child of the 40's, 50, or early 60's, you had three choices-78, 33 or 45 rpm records. Most people say that listening to music on vinyl was one of the greatest experiences ever. I grew up with mostly 45's/singles and 33's/albums. Great memories of putting on a pair of my Koss headphones and grooving to such artists as Rod Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot and the Beatles.

Of course with time so did the evolution of 8-track tapes. They started hitting the scene in the mid-60's and stuck around until the early 80's.

As we moved into the 70's and 80's, we started using the cassette tape for recorded music. The cassette was originally introduced back in 1963 but it was basically used for dictation. The audio quality at that time was poor but eventually was refined and many of us had a backseat full of tapes rattling around on every pothole and tight curve.

It was 1982 when CDs were released. They were developed by Phillips and Sony. Sony released the first CD player in Japan in 1982.

Of course the way I listen to most of my music is either through the computer or via the internet/smart speakers.

The music has always been great and the luxury of different devices have definitely changed, but the memories last forever.

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