The Sedalia Area Tourism Commission met Monday, Dec. 5 at 2 p.m. in the Katy Depot Conference Room with eight members present.

On motion by Erica Eisenmenger, seconded by Kyle Herrick, with all in favor, the summaries of action taken during January, April and May of 2021 were approved.

Chuck Kempton reviewed the Financial Report. As of December 5, there is $1,009,649.45 in the bank. Inquiry and discussions regarding any county requirements for licenses for lodgings establishments. No county requirements other than health and fire.

On motion by Tom Adermann, seconded by Kyle Herrick, with all being in favor, the SATC Financial Report was approved. A copy of the Financial Report is attached to the file copy of the minutes.

Carolyn Crooker presented the proposed Sedalia Tourism Destination Marketing Campaign for 2023.

Debate was held over the continuous funding of certain organizations that are not necessarily “big event” driven vs. those that are. It was considered that while some events like sports tournaments bring in large numbers of overnight visitors, other smaller community event offerings also provide value to out-of-area visitors who are visiting and looking for such venues; for example, an RV rally group may decide to take in community theater while staying but they would not otherwise travel to the area for.

Secondarily there were concerns over the reach of some advertising sources and whether it was sufficient for the purpose of bringing in overnight guests.

A proposal was made for monthly updates on how/where more localized events were being marketed as well as questions regarding how best to find out info on events not otherwise marketed by SATC funds.

On motion by Rick Yeager, seconded by Tom Adermann, with all being in favor, the proposed Sedalia Tourism Destination Marketing Campaign 2023 budget submitted by the SCVB totaling $472,600.49 was approved.

On motion by Kyle Herrick, seconded by Erica Eisenmenger, with all being in favor, the proposed SATC 2023 budget totaling $996.50 was approved.

Overview was given of the SATC slate of appointees for 2023.

Other business discussed:|

Carolyn Crooker was contacted by a member of the Missouri Department of Revenue regarding a lodgings owner in Pettis County who no longer holds a Missouri Resale License but continues in his business. Carolyn referred the matter to Chuck Kempton. There is potential for litigation toward this individual and the DOR representative was gathering information regarding the individual.

Chuck Kempton explained that SATC is looking at investing some of the accruing funds into another CD or money market account to maximize returns.

Discussion and agreement that sports tournaments of all types are a great way to get visitors to overnight in Sedalia. The upgrade to the Liberty Park baseball field as well as the new Heckart Community Center are excellent venues to promote to that crowd. It was agreed that Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department should be alerted that there is funding available for marketing for sports tournaments. Carolyn Crooker also explained that a sport inventory is needed as well as a Sports Director or Sports Commission for Parks and Rec.

Erica Eisenmenger recommended that the next SATC meeting might be a good time for an all-inclusive review for certain organizations seeking funding for 2023. It would be good to discover if the money allotted is being fully used and is it serving its intended purpose. Kyle Herrick agreed and thinks a review in the next 60 to 90 days is in order for tracking numbers of visitors, money spent, etc..

Notice that the Steamboat Arabia location at Marshall Junction is back on the table for consideration.

No meeting will be held in January. There will be an email summary at that time. Next meeting date will be April or May.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:00. Motion made by Kyle Herrick, seconded by Chuck Kempton with all in favor.

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