Missouri. The Show-Me State. The Cave State. The home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Missouri Tigers. Our state has a few large cities, and a bunch of rural communities. I'm from a small town in Missouri. If you're reading this, chances are you are, too. Here are ten signs that you probably grew up in a small town in Missouri...or maybe Missour-uh (depending on which part of the state you're from).

    1. Your mom struggled every morning to get you out of bed. But if it snowed you were up and listening to the radio at 5 a.m. to find out if school was closed.
    2. You have counted the number of deer you saw during your trip down the highway.
    3. You've been on vacation, told another vacationer where you're from, and then rolled your eyes when they made a lame joke about "misery."
    4. That same vacationer then asked you about St. Louis-style pizza, and you didn't know what it was, either.
    5. You've tried to spot Momo the Missouri Monster.
    6. You have watched someone become enraged because more than one town scheduled their City Wide Garage Sale on the same day.
    7. Your family picks apples in the fall, blackberries in the summer, and visits a pumpkin patch every Halloween.
    8. You've had to wrangle a live rabbit, or try to get a goldfish home without spilling him, after winning a game at the fair.
    9. Every summer you challenged yourself to peel off as much sunburn as possible in one long strip.
    10. The first time you learned your radio had an AM dial was when you got grounded and couldn't go to the football game on Friday night.

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