Kids, there are a few events coming up that I keep tabs on through our Community Calendar.  Sometimes I'm not able to get everything on the air for a host of different reasons, so I thought I'd mention one event coming up this weekend that may have slipped through the cracks. 

I'm a proponent of positivity and whatnot.  So here's something that I think most people who like happiness and good times will enjoy.  The Church Women United of Sedalia are having a Friendship Day Luncheon. It'll be on Friday, May 3, and it'll start at noon.  They'll have it at the Community of Christ Church at 2000 South Ingram.

The CWU is going to work together with all sorts of groups of different racial, cultural and theological ideas to celebrate unity.  They also have a project they'll be working on to help some less fortunate babies.  They'll accept gently used clothing and new items for newborns.

So why not stop by if you're wanting to join in on a group endeavor and do some good!

Unifiedly yours,