Most of us probably have never been in a castle. I know I think of the movies when I think of those huge things; somebody should probably be behind a turret or something. But that's not the case with these amazing castles right here in Missouri! I'm sure you know of the first one on the list, because it's right here in Sedalia.

1.  Parkhurst Castle/ Windmoor Bed & Breakfast, Sedalia

Seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 49 acres, and a 5 acre pond.

It was one of those places we always made sure to drive by during the winter and at Halloween so we could look at the lights, and the snow. So pretty. I can't imagine living there, or being rich enough to AFFORD to live there.  Once as a kid, I almost got to have a babysitting job out there, and I was so excited....but it didn't happen for some reason.

2. The Little Castle of the Dead, Holden.

Okay, so this is really more of a mausoleum than a castle. But it LOOKS like a castle, doesn't it?

3. The Stuart Castle, Eureka.

This one has all the intrigue and back story that you want in a castle. The story goes that a dermatologist bought the house, and built the castle around it as a tribute to his wife. When she left him, he was devastated, and just kinda let the place go. But there are tons of things in this house that are amazing. It has pressure sensitive strips that were found under the carpet to show where a person was walking. There were secret passages throughout the entire living room with impossible to spot peep holes into the rooms. The basement looks like a dungeon with two-foot-thick concrete walls. It also had a real secret passage: a bookcase that would swing out to reveal a set of stairs leading to the working basement. COOL.

4. Pensmore Mansion, Highlandville.

This thing is HUGE. Over 70,000 square feet of this monster that's pretty much indestructible. It's just outside of Springfield and still under construction - it supposedly can weather an F5 Tornado, an earthquake, and a bomb. It's pretty controversial, though, because apparently the neighbors don't like it and there's some arguing about whether it's going to be finished or torn down. There's also some whispers from the conspiracy theory crowd that say it's being built as a second White House in case something happens to the one in Washington. It's the Illuminati, man!

I like looking at these things, but I can't imagine living in one. I think I'd run myself ragged trying to keep the joint clean. Although I guess if I were that rich, I'd have a maid to do it for me. Please, I'm rich if my bank account is in the black. That's not gonna happen. Still, it's fun to look!

Poorly yours,