Love What's Local Warresnburg wants you to support Warrrensburg restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries. and fast food places during Warresnburg Restaurant Week today through Sunday March 7.

In the past, Warrensburg Restaurant Week featured local restaurants offering "deals" and special menu items throughout restaurant week. This year because of the pandemic Love What's Local Warrensburg is doing restaurant week a little differently.

Instead of restaurants offering special menu items or deals and specials throughout the week. Love What's Local Warrensburg is asking everyone to patronize as many places as possible throughout the week. If you're lucky enough to buy a meal or a snack from the right place at the right time, Love What's Local Warrensburg might pick up part of your check. Here's the fun thing they're doing for this year's restaurant week:

During the period of Restaurant Week, members of the committee randomly select two restaurants per day and randomly select a bill to put money toward. This could be for dine-in or take out at any point of the day. The more you support your local restaurants, the greater the opportunity to be the lucky winner!

If you're a local, you probably have your favorite place to get breakfast. Favorite place to take a date for a romantic meal. Favorite place to grab a pizza. Favorite place to watch a game. If you're not a local and aren't that familiar with Warrensburg, here are some suggestions if you want to enjoy a meal in Warrensburg. This list is in no way complete, nor a commentary on the places I didn't mention.

Doughnut Shops: For really big decadent doughnuts you can try Friesz's Donuts, 629 E. Young. For really great glazed donuts, Kolaches and boba tea you can check out Yummy's Donut Palace at 709 S. Maguire.

Great Places to Catch the Game: There are no shortages of places to catch the game and enjoy pub type food or pizza on Pine Street. The two places I like are Fitter's Pub and Heroes Restaurant and Pub. Fitters at 131 West Pine has great tavern pizza (reminiscent of the kind I love from Chicago.) Heroes, at 107 West Pine, has great sandwiches and meals. Kathy and I recommend the Chicken Parmigiana.

Great Places for a Date: If you're looking for a more swanky place to enjoy a meal with that special someone these places might work for you. Raging Bull Steakhouse at 433 E. Russell. Players Restaurant and Lounge at 627 E. Russell. Or Traditions on the Mules National Golf Course, 5 Par Drive.

Great Breakfast Places / Diner Food: Mary Jane's Cafe at 1042 S. Maguire. Countrry Kitchen at 205 E. Cleveland Street. IHOP, 729 N. Charles.

These restaurants are just a starting point. They're places I've enjoyed or have heard from more than one person that they're good places to eat. Warresnburg's food game is strong, and if you spot a place that piques your interest I'd highly encourage you to stop in and experience it. Then drop me a note and tell me whether I should try it.

Love What's Local has other surprises up their sleeve for Warrensburg Restaurant Week. You can keep up with them on their Facebook page so you don't miss anything.

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