Myths are passed down from generation to generation. Ones that your parents heard and passed on to you probably came from their parents and grandparents. The problem with a lot of those myths is...well, they're not true!

Let's start with the ones on the top my list. These are ones I've heard for years, and most likely, you have also.

  • Myth #1 - Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis. Not true. It may cause some weakness in your hands, but there's no proof that it causes full-blown arthritis.
  • Myth #2 - Coffee Stunts Your Growth. How many times have you heard this one as someone young is sipping on a cup of Joe? Most likely it's not the coffee that will stunt a kid's's poor nutrition!
  • Myth #3 - If You Swallow Your Gum, It Takes Seven Years to Digest. I don't know many times I heard this one growing up. Now it is true that your body can't digest gum like corn, (You didn't know that?) but it won't stay in your stomach for seven years. The gum will move through your system like everything else just doesn't break down.
  • Myth #4 - We Only Use 10% of Our Brain - This one I really never thought too much about. (probably only using 10% of my brain on that one) A survey I read found two-thirds of us believe that one so I don't feel too bad. Most of the time, even with simple tasks, we use most of our brain. In fact, your brain uses so much energy, that it takes a fifth of your calories just to keep it working.
  • Myth #5 - You Swallow Eight Spiders a Year in Your Sleep - Sorry...not true. You actually swallow 12 every year. Just kidding!!! It's all an urban legend. As far as anyone can tell, it doesn't happen.

There you go...I hope that cleared up the air, but if you have kids and you feel you need to still use these to get a point my guest!

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