There are certain things everyone has. Like phone books. We all hang on to them, even though we haven't actually looked anything up in the phone book for years. Here are a few things everybody (or just about everybody) that lives in Sedalia has at home.

A key chain, koozie, hat, or other promotional item from a business or organization that's name starts with "State Fair."

A copy of Showcase Sedalia you haven't looked at yet.

An "Elect (fill in candidate) for Pettis County (fill in office)" ink pen. Bonus points if it's five years old or older. Bonus bonus points if it's five years old or older and you can still write with it.

A t-shirt from at least one of the following: Lub Dub, Kidabaloo, Queen of the Prairie Festival, Sedalia Lions Club Compact Figure 8 and Tough Truck Challenge, Dream Factory Truck and Tractor Pull, the Memory Lane Foundation's Suicide Prevention 5K, or the Walk to End Alzheimer's.

A magnet that lists a sports schedule from either Smith-Cotton, Sacred Heart, State Fair Community College, or the Sedalia Bombers.

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