I've been in Sedalia for a couple years. In some ways it seems like I'm still new to the area. On the other hand, I've picked up quite a bit about the town since I've arrived. Here are a few things I've learned since moving to Sedalia.

Kehde's BBQ, Papa Jake's and Dick's Corn Dogs have fiercely loyal customers.

There's a back way to Aldi by taking W. 10th St. across Winchester Dr.

If you want to sit on the top row at the Galaxy 10, then you're going to have to hike!

Trying to cut the cord tough. Over-the-air TV is pretty much limited to KMOS.

Fireworks on Thanksgiving. Cool.

The eclipse lived up to the hype.

The facilities at State Fair Community College are top-notch. The Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center is great. The Daum Museum is the real deal.

You can't turn left out of McDonald's on S. Limit, but you can take the road behind McDonald's to go about a block south, and then turn left onto S. Limit from 18th.

Sedalia does a pretty good job at filling retail vacancies. Goody's left, T.J. Maxx came in. Harbor Freight remodeled an existing building. After Bing's closed, Woods took over the State Fair Shopping Center location.

Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Target are some of the popular answers you get when you ask a Sedalia resident what they would like to see come to town.

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