There are over 20,000 residents in Sedalia, Missouri. Everyone who lives here, and anyone that is from here, knows these ten things about Sedalia.

  1. If you keep asking for Target to open a Sedalia store, it just might day....maybe. But it hasn't happened yet.
  2. If you listen to the radio long enough, you'll get the Seize the Deal jingle stuck in your head.
  3. There's no urgency to go out of your way to see up-and-coming musicians in the city. If they're any good, they'll eventually end up at the fair.
  4. Fireworks are fun on July 4, but they're also great on Thanksgiving!
  5. Text messages received between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. are usually from the sheriff's office and most likely have something to do with the weather.
  6. You can't catch a train at the Katy Depot. The Katy Depot hasn't had a passenger train pass through since 1958. You might have better luck with Amtrak.
  7. There's almost always something going on at the Missouri State Fairgrounds. Might be a rodeo, might be a haunted hayride, the fairgrounds have even hosted the Tough Mudder a couple times.
  8. Sedalia takes its fine art seriously. The Liberty Center has undergone extensive renovations, the symphony is the "the second oldest continuous symphony in the state," and Sedalia even has a museum of contemporary art.
  9. It is perfectly acceptable to root for both the Royals and the Cardinals. Doesn't everybody?
  10. No map is required to find the food stands during the Missouri State Fair. You know the route by heart.