Part of small town life when you live in a town like Sedalia, or Warrensburg, or Knob Noster, or any small town, is less choice. There are less choices in grocery stores. Less choices in department stores. Less restaurants. And yes, even less fast food joints.

When it comes to fast food places in Sedalia, I asked you on Facebook what fast food restaurant is missing in town. And you gave me answers. Chipotle, Chic-fil-A, Culver's were some of the most mentioned fast food restaurants that you want to see in town. Yet a lot of people had ideas on the places they'd like to see beyond those three restaurants.

There were some fast food restaurants that Sedalian's are disappointed that are no longer around. One of those places is The Wheel Inn. Famous for the Guberburger the Wheel Inn finally closed in 2013 after Don and Judy Clark closed it due to health reasons.

Another place people miss is Griff's Hamburgers by the high school. Griff's was a favorite lunch spot of Smith-Cotton students. People on the Sedalia Memories Facebook page usually cite Griff's as closing because the company wanted to focus on stores closer to their current home base in Dallas.

There were a few non fast food restaurants that folks want to see come to Sedalia too. These includ: Jazz Kitchen, Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

Here's our list of the fast food restaurants you want to see in Sedalia.

The Fast Food Restaurants You Want In Sedalia

We asked you what fast food restaurants you'd like to see in Sedalia. Here's what you told us.

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