With temperatures getting close to triple digits, problems could occur with the pavement throughout Missouri.

According to a news release from the Missouri Department of Transportation:

As temperatures begin to closer to 100 degrees in Missouri, motorists should be aware that the extreme heat can cause pavement “blow-ups” on Missouri roadways.

A pavement blow-up occurs when the roadway surface expands at a crack or joint where moisture has seeped in. The crack weakens the pavement and the heat causes the pavement to buckle and warp. Several blow-ups have occurred on area routes Missouri Department of Transportation crews are monitoring other state routes and will make repairs as soon as they occur.

“We never know when or where a pavement blow-up will happen, but when it gets this hot outside, we’ll see them,” said Kansas City District Maintenance Engineer Lynelle Luther. “If you come across a blow-up, use extra caution, slow down, and give us a call to let us know so we can respond and fix it as soon as possible.”

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