Have you ever walked into either the breakroom at work or maybe a corner in a local business where the coffee pot is set up and ready for business? I think we take for granted when that pot of wake up juice was made and what kind of mood the person was in when they made it! Think about...what if that disgruntled employee was having a bad morning after he/she came to work after a fight with their significant other or may be it was a speeding ticket on the way to work. Whatever the situation, what if that employee was angry at the world and they wanted some type of retribution?

Well, unfortunately this is a piss-poor way (sorry, had to do it) of getting rid of that anger but unfortunately it's probably been done more times than you'd wish to imagine. I think it goes hand-in-hand with wondering if a cook spit in your food 'cuz you made a negative statement about the cuisine the last time you were in that dining establishment.

It's one of those endless jokes that gets passed around from breakroom to breakroom. You know what the coffee tastes like this morning, don't you? Well, this guy wasn't joking.

It's not funny, but it is. You have to wonder which one of these reasons is why he did this-

#1 - He hates his job

#2 - He hates his coworkers

#3 - He hates his boss

#4 - All of the above

Just remember...you never know when big brother is watching!

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