Have you ever done anything embarrassing at work? We all have, right? A new survey from OfficeTeam asked senior managers about embarrassing at-work stories. Here are five highlights from the survey.

  • "I turned to talk to someone and walked into the elevator door."
  • "I couldn't find my car after happy hour."
  • "I sent an email badmouthing a person to that individual."
  • "I gave an award to the wrong person during a recognition ceremony."
  • "I greeted two clients who were sisters as mother and daughter."

There is an online slideshow of the 25 of the Most Embarrassing Work Stories
from the OfficeTeam survey.

Do you have any stories that you're not too embarrassed to share? What are some of the funny and cringe-worthy things that have happened to you while you were on the job?

I actually have  a hard time answering questions about embarrassing/stupid things I've said or done on the radio, because I've been on the radio a long time, and I've said a lot of stupid stuff! I just try to forget about them. I do recall once doing an entire afternoon radio show about how awful Mondays are...on a Tuesday. Didn't realize it was Tuesday until after it was over.

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