Easter will be here on Sunday. Are you a last-minute basket maker? PEEPS has conducted a survey that found 71 percent of people wait until the last two weeks before Easter before they start stocking their baskets. Personally, I am pretty consistent about putting together Easter baskets on the Saturday night before the holiday. Whether you like to get a head start on filling Easter baskets, or like to wait until the last minute, here are a few tips for creating the perfect Easter basket, courtesy of PEEPS

  • Make Traditions:
    This is a great idea. "Pass down an Easter tradition to children by placing classic items in Easter baskets that can be repeated each year. Try including a few delicious staple candies that perhaps were childhood favorites." You can never go wrong with the classic Easter candies. I think PEEPS have been in every single Easter basket I've ever received. Robin eggs and those cream-filled eggs that the bunny lays every year, too.
  • Add Customization:
    It's best to tailor each basket for each kid. "Though there is no exact formula for making the perfect Easter basket. Whether creating a basket for a child, teenager or adult – it's important to add a personal touch. More than half of people (62 percent) agree that it is essential to include toys in Easter baskets." Picking up a toy for an Easter basket usually isn't as stressful as finding a toy at Christmas, but adding just the right item helps set the basket over the top.
  • Use Color:
    Bright spring colors is usually the first thing most of us think of when we think of Easter. "It's no coincidence that 82 percent of people insist color variety is a must for creating the ideal basket. Don't forget that what goes inside those eggs is just as important and can provide an opportunity for additional surprises." Not only is using bright colors essential for basket designing, but including your kids' favorite colors is another way to personalize their baskets.
  • Organization:
    Here's one I've struggled with for years. Sometimes I do OK. Other times everything falls over and looks like a mess. "Presentation is everything when it comes to getting that professional look. Start by filling the bottom of the basket with green 'grass-like' crinkle paper. When placing all of the treats within the basket, start with the biggest item in the center to create that 'wow' factor. Next, build around the central item proportionally by height. Place the biggest candy packages in the back and then include the smaller items front and center."

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