Governor Mike Parson signed the bill that will allow retailers to sell alcohol earlier on Sunday, as well as making permanent the law that let restaurants sell cocktails to go during the COVID-19 pandemic shut down.

On Sundays, purchasing an alcoholic beverage before 9:00 AM CST has been prohibited. Under the bill Governor Mike Parson signed, alcohol sales on Sunday will run from 6:00 AM CST through 1:30 AM CST Monday. The same hours as the rest of the week.

As far as cocktails to go, restaurants and other establishments holding a valid liquor license may sell alcohol to go to customers 21 and over under the following conditions:

The alcohol must be put in a durable, leakproof, sealable container that someone couldn't open and drink from and reseal. The purchaser of the alcohol must also order a meal at the same time as he or she orders the alcohol. The number of alcoholic beverages is limited to twice the number of meals ordered. And the sealed container is placed in a one-time use transparent bag that's sealed. Additionally, the law calls for some specific packaging requirements.

State senator Denny Hoskins, who introduced the bill in the Missouri Senate, said in a release obtained by KSHB TV, “The experiment proved to be popular with consumers and resulted in no apparent increases in impaired driving or other problems. My legislation will allow restaurants to continue the service even after the pandemic has passed.”

KY3 reports that lawmakers who supported the relaxation of Sunday alcohol sales say one of the beneficiaries will be tailgaters at Chiefs games that start at noon.

The law becomes effective Saturday, August 28, 2021.

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