Unfortunately, Missouri and Pettis County has a drug problem. I think we've all heard it in the news or seen it on the streets. Meth is a problem. Our Drug Enforcement officers do a great job of busting up labs and dealers, but then what?  What happens to the people who are addicted to this dangerous substance?  What happens to their families, who have watched their loved ones go through this struggle who feel powerless to help?  There is something that can be done, and is being done every day by the Mothers Against Methamphetamine, or MAMA.

They're offering an informative, day-long course coming up about how to help families, and children in particular, who are being affected by this terrible affliction.  It's a Drug Endangered Children Training course. It will be held on Oct. 22  at the Heckart Performing Arts Center on the Smith-Cotton High School Campus. It's one afternoon out of your life that might save someone you love.

The mission of Mothers Against Methamphetamine is to  provide scientifically accurate and culturally relevant drug education and prevention resources to the entire community, including those at risk for educational and occupational failure, family disintegration, and life threatening infectious disease due to exposure to methamphetamine.

I talked with Claudia Kays with our local MAMA Chapter about this upcoming event.

If you think this is something important for you and your community, save the date for Oct. 22, from 1:00 p.m. til 5:00 p.m.  For information, contact Claudia at 660-202-9619, or email her at kylesmom66@hotmail.com.  Another contact is Cindy Gunter, at lgunter@pbhc.org. This training is designed to provide a basic understanding of DEC concepts, practical tools for collaboration and more resources for professional and community members.

Participants will walk away with an expanded knowledge of their role in DEC, how they can assist other professionals and what they can do upon completion of the training, all while keeping drug endangered children at the forefront of what folks are doing within their discipline and communities.

Do what you can today and get the tools to help in the future with this important event.

Educationally yours,