Don't even think about lighting off fireworks over the Fourth of July in Warrensburg. It's just as illegal there as it is in Sedalia. According to the Warrensburg Fire Department it's against the City Code unless you have an operational permit. It's not that much better in Knob Noster either as my research found out in a post I wrote on this subject last year. You can read that here.

If the fact that their illegal isn't enough to deter you from blowing off fireworks, maybe this from the National Fire Protection Association will persuade you.

  • Fireworks cause 18,500 fires each year.
  • Sparklers, yaknow the harmless firework we put in little kids hands each summer, they account for one quarter of fireworks related emergency room visits.

And it's no surprise 31 percent of fireworks injuries occur to hands and fingers, that's followed by head, face or ear injuries.

Of course I'm sure if you've got your fireworks stored in the garage ready for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night none of these statistics, or the fact that you may live in a town where they're illegal will stop you from blowing them off. It never does.

So I'll urge you to be courteous when and how you use them. Remember, not everyone likes or enjoys fireworks. I hated the Fourth of July as a child because the loud fireworks scared me. Did for years. My wife Kathy, as she's gotten older, has some issues with loud noises.

I'm sure I wasn't the only kid who was scared of fireworks and I know my wife isn't the only grown ass adult who fireworks noise bothers. So be mindful of that while holding your illegal sky show in the driveway.

Also, people's pets. Beware of them. Cats notoriously hate fireworks noise. And it can make dogs uneasy too. It's a rough night for pet owners trying to comfort a dog or cat who are uneasy with all the loud noises. It's like a severe thunderstorm that can just go on and on and on.

I guess what I'm saying is, be a good neighbor. Don't blow off excessive fireworks on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Save the sky candy for the actual holiday. And maybe knock it off by about 11:30 or so Saturday night. Some folks actually might have to work or want to go to an earlier church service Sunday Morning. So yaknow, they might want to sleep.

Finally be safe. Don't hurt yourself, someone else, or anyone's property celebrating our liberation from the British. Keep that bucket of water handy. Keep your body parts attached. And  think twice if your six year old needs to celebrate with a sparkler.

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