A new study from Cambridge University found that that the key for a happy relationship....is MEN doing more HOUSEWORK!  I know.  This sounds far fetched at first.  But let's look at where they came to this conclusion, since the reason for this seems to be a "no brainer."

They looked at surveys of 30,000 people in 34 different countries.  Men that did chores were happier.  Yes, MEN! Not women.

Men had more guilt when they thought they weren't doing enough around the house.  When men help out more, there are fewer arguments and they reported a higher level of happiness.   DUH!

If a man helps out more, the woman does less.  If she isn't overwhelmed with household chores, she won't nag him as much to get things done.  Her not nagging equals less arguments and her being generally happier.  Fewer arguments and her being happier means more intimate time in the bedroom.  More of that makes the  man happy!

If you're a man and you want more action, just vacuum the rug and wash some dishes.