Did you know Raging Bull Steak House in Warrensburg has a food challenge? I didn't and my wife Kathy and I just celebrated her college graduation there last month. I guess I wasn't paying attention to the menu. I have two questions, what's the challenge? And did pro eater Randy Santel beat the challenge?

The Challenge 

According to the Raging Bull Steak House menu, the challenge is named "Ron's Challenge" after the man who gave them the land Raging Bull Steak House sits on. The challenge requires the person taking the challenge to consume one 4lb Cheeseburger loaded with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Two orders of fries. Two milkshakes and a soda. All the food needs to be consumed in 30 minutes or less.

Could Professional Eater Randy Santel Do It?

Randy Santel is a professional eater and food and influencer that helps mom-and-pop small businesses and corporate restaurants by showcasing their menus and challenges across the globe. He grew up in the St. Louis area and went to Missouri State University in Springfield. He holds the record for the number of Worldwide Food Challenge Wins.

Randy became the 16th person to attempt "Ron's Challenge" at Raging Bull, which no one had beaten when he made his attempt. Here's his description of the challenge from YouTube:

I had just 30 minutes to feast on eight 1/2 pound 50/50 beef burgers made with 50% beef chuck and 50% beef brisket. The burger patties were juicy and so good!! They were stacked and layered with 8 slices of cheese, 8 strips of bacon, and lots oh healthy vegetables. The food challenge included 24oz of fries, a 20oz soft drink of my choosing, and then TWO 20oz milkshakes of my choosing, adding up to 40oz total. I was trying to become the first champion to win my $90 cheeseburger meal free plus a sweet t-shirt and spot up on the Wall of Fame.

So could Randy beat the challenge? Check out his video to see how successful, or not, he is at downing the chow.


Raging Bull Steak House 

"Ron's Challenge" will cost you $90.00 if you fail and a possible tummy ache according to the Raging Bull menu, so it's not the kind of food challenge you engage on in a whim.

The steak house is located at 435 E. Russell Avenue in Warrensburg and they're open Monday - Saturday from 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM and Sunday from 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM. They offer steaks, burgers, seafood, and salads.

When Kathy and I went to Raging Bull to celebrate her graduation she ordered the BBQ Brisket Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast, and I, who am not a big fan of flame-grilled meat (I did notice they cooked the Ron's Challenge burgers on a flat top grill so a burger might be an option next time), opted for the French Dip sandwich.

We both enjoyed our meals very much, and Kathy finished her leftovers the next day for lunch. As for my sandwich, I was quite pleased with the portions and the number of fries I got too. Neither of us left hungry and we both found a new restaurant in town we'll be going back to.

BTW, if you skipped watching the video, Randy did beat "Ron's Challenge".

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