Before I came to live in Missouri once again, my last job was in the state of Indiana.  I had to get license plates for that state, since my Illinois ones were expiring soon.  In that state, only the rear license plate was required.  For the record, much cheaper too.  This Memorial Day weekend, many of you will be traveling, and I have noticed that some vehicles have plates on the front and back, and some do not.  So what is the law?

I found out because I recently went to the license office near End Zone sports bar, and had to provide them with the inspection report for my vehicle, title, etc.  After going through the process, I was presented with two plates.  So I guess that is the law in Missouri?  Sort of.

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According to the state laws, if your vehicle is registered in Missouri or Illinois and you are issued two plates at the time of registration, you are required to display two license plates, one on the front and one on the back.

There are some exceptions in Missouri. The Missouri Department of Revenue notes that a front plate may not be required for motorcycles, vehicles with a historic year of manufacture registrations, and commercial vehicles registered for 18,000 pounds or above.

AutoList recently provided a list of each state that does not require a front license plate. Twenty states reportedly don’t require a front license plate. Vehicles registered in those are only required to have a rear license plate, even if traveling out-of-state.  Since I tend to travel back to Illinois on occasion, this is something to make sure of. So for anyone who may not have known, or if you are traveling to other states, now you know.  I will give props to the license offices in Missouri.  Compared to Illinois, they are a cake walk.  Thank goodness.

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