Card games. Prior to all the electronic games and computers, this was one of the few ways to keep us entertained. You could sit for hours and play a game of solitaire. I remember growing up with a deck of cards keeping me entertained many times.

I also remember playing a couple of different card games as a child, Old Maid and Rook. If you asked me how each game was played, I wouldn't have a clue on the rules of each one.

Another simple game that we would play when I was in grade school was War. Not sure where the name of the game came from but it was one that we loved to play. It was very simple. You divided the deck in half tryin to make sure you each had the same amount of cards. You placed the cards face down and then you would each take the top card off the pile. The higher card won. Many rainy and/or cold Saturday afternoons were spent playing this game.

I can remember being dragged along with my parents to friends and/or relatives' houses while the adults would play pitch. Never learned it...not sure that I would want to!

As I got older, it was poker that kept me occupied. As I went into the Air Force, we spent many hours on break playing Spades. Gin Rummy was another game we would play periodically.

Of course, as I got older and was married, it was the classic card game, Uno.

So those are few of the games I grew up with, what were your favorites?

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