With Alan Jackson coming to the 2017 Missouri State Fair this August, we had a post about Jackson and some remembered seeing him in the Bud tent. Who else do you remember playing in that venue in their early days?

Since I didn't grow up going to the Missouri State Fair year after year, I really don't remember any of today's artists playing under the Bud tent. I know there have been many wild stories and cold beers that go along with those nights.

We want you to list as many of those artists that you remember and try to re-tell those memories. We realize that some of these stories may be a little hard to remember since the "Barley Pop" was flowing on those hot August nights.

You figure through the years, there have been many that have graced the stage. Many have come and gone but there are some that got their break and are still with us today. So try to gather up those dead brain cells and do your best with your recollections of days past. 

Bud Tent
Bud Tent being prepared

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