You've seen the Snickers commercial where the female tattoo artist mispells regret. Instead she spells it "regert". Do you ever "regert" getting a tattoo?

A lot of times tattoos are a product of an emotional event. A child being born, a relationship or maybe a death in the family. Whatever it is, when we take a step back...a few days, weeks, months or even years, do you think we look at the ink and wonder, "What was I thinking?"

For some it's a no brainer. The ink is a living tribute for loved ones. For others it's something we may have done on the spur of the moment without much thought.

When we're younger, it can be peer pressure. Maybe it's "to look cool" like celebrities we admire and look up to.  If you've ever been in the military, for some, it's a rite of passage. Moving on in their training in the armed forces, i. e.,  a young man or woman wanting to signify their accomplishment. Unfortunately for some seasoned veterans, I've heard them say that they wish they hadn't got the tattoo back when they were young and foolish.

I have a tattoo myself. One. That's it. A small one on my right shoulder/upper arm area. I don't even think about it. My wife will bring up the fact that I have it every once in awhile but other than that,  I don't pay attention to it.

What's your story?

Bride getting a henna tattoo
Mariusz Bielawa

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