Take a close look at the dates in the middle of October. Notice something missing?

As I was getting ready to mark an L (loss) on the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network schedule in the studio this morning I noticed something odd. The game for Sunday, October 15 against the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn't listed.

Ok, I'm not the first person to see this but doesn't it seem odd that this is the official schedule of the multi-million dollar NFL franschise in Kansas City and no one caught this before it going to the printers?

I mean we're not talking about the schedule for 9-10 year olds in the local little league football program. No, this wasn't done on somebody's home computer. This is a very BIG piece of the Chiefs marketing material.

Now, not only was their a snafu with the printed schedule but it omitted the one team that has blemished the Chiefs record. KC came into the game on Sunday at 5-0 until they ran into a couple of buzzsaws, namely Le'Veon Bell and  Antonio Brown.

Did someone in the marketing know something that we didn't and left this game off the schedule purposefully?




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