Bread lovers...did you know that the color of your twist tie reveals many things concerning your loaf. Do you know how can you tell the freshness of your bread? That amazing fact is about to be revealed. (I know...I have you on the edge of your seats, huh?)

First off the color of the tag on your loaf of bread will tell you the freshness and the five day delivery schedule. Here's how you tell:

  • Monday -  Blue
  • Tuesday  -  Green
  • Thursday  -  Red
  • Friday  -  White
  • Saturday  -  Red

According to a story from Wide Open Eats, this system was developed for grocery stores. Essentially enabling them to know when they would put bread on sale.

The reaon for the colored bread tags was to help stockers identify the freshness of the loaves when filling the shelves.

Now days most stores don't subscribe to the colored-bread tag theory. Instead they have an expiration date and sell-by date stamped on the wrapper.

Okay you can relax now, that's end of the story. For hanging in there go get a couple slices of bread and fix yourself a pb&j sandwich. You deserve it!