Anymore when you're on the internet, you get ads popping up for every type of vitamin and supplement available to man. You can't go through a Facebook scroll without something appearing that will allegedly get your health back where it should be.

Looking at the availability of vitamins today made me think back when I was a kid growing up in the 60's and 70's. We had a few options for nutritional supplements, i.e., vitamins. But for kids, they weren't all that prevalent, except for a few particular brands that came about.

The number of vitamins that were available back in day were few but what vitamin did your mom lay out for you every morning when you were growing up?

Vitamins always have been and always will be a high-profit item. It all started back in 1960 when vitamins were geared for children. The companies that distributed those candy-like chewables for kids were making a mint.

In 1960, Miles Laboratory, the giant in the vitamin market, came out with a line of vitamins for kids called Chocks. It was the first chewable vitamin for children.

It was no fluke that years later the giant vitamin-maker teamed up with one of the most popular kid’s shows at the time. In 1968, Miles teamed up with the crew from Bedrock to market Flintstones vitamins in a variety of colors, shapes, and chewy varieties.

Later it was Bugs Bunny vitamins. So through the years of marketing by the powers-to-be, did you take one of these vitamins as a kid?


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