It's surprising how many grew up taking some type of music lessons, or just picked up an instrument and started playing as a child.

A lot of us have grown up listening to area bands. In fact, you might have been a part of them. Many garages were graced with young musicians trying to get their start. Which ones do you remember?

I think we all grow up wanting to play a musical instrument. For some it was forced upon us. You know...piano lessons, when we would have rather been outside playing and hanging upside down from tree limbs.

I took up the clarinet in our 5th grade school band. I wish I would've stayed with it but it went by the wayside. Next was my first guitar and lessons to go with it. The guitar was bought from Western Auto. It was a beautiful Truetone. I wish I still had it. Later in my early years I took up the drums as a musical instrument. I played the drums all through Jr and Sr High.

Now I tell you this because in 6th grade we started a band, or attempted to start one. At that time the popular TV show was The Partridge Family. After watching that show each weekI think every kid in the 60's and early 70's attempted to form a band. I even came up with a name for our group-The Chaparells.

Maybe you can remember some of the bands that you grew up with, or maybe were in, back in the day.

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