Musicians respecting fellow musicians is a beautiful thing, especially when they are so candid as to why. Devin Dawson recently opened up about one of the his biggest country music inspirations and idols, Sam Hunt.

As first shared by Taste of Country, Dawson explained that one of the things he most respects is the way Hunt doesn't rush to pump out new music. "His artistry is so unique and so confident. I always talk about how he put out one song in 2017 — it was the biggest country song of the year, went to No. 6 on the pop charts just because it was so popular. [He] toured the entire year on one song," he told Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex in almost disbelief, "didn't put out another song until another year and a half, now it's 'Downtown's Dead.' It's crazy."

Dawson continued to explain that Hunt is also admirable because he doesn't worry about what is working for other people, he does his own thing. "It's cool to see artists doing what makes sense for them," he says.  "We're in this time where everyone is consuming so much music and you have so much access, and I think the key is to release based on what's right for you and what's right for your fans."

Even though Dawson has never worked directly with Hunt (yet), Nashville's country music scene can feel like a small family, and he has heard about how Hunt creates through mutual connections.

"He doesn't rush it and does it when it's right, and I respect that," Dawson concluded. "Being in a position where you can do that is always nice. For him it works, and it's obviously working really well. It's inspiring."

One of The Boot's 2018 Artists to Watch, Dawson is on the road this summer to open for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill during the second leg of their Soul2Soul Tour. More information about the "Asking for a Friend" artist can be found on his website.

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