A lot times we are outside too long on these hot July days and we get a sunburn. Maybe it's form working out in yard, playing ball, or maybe out on the water at one of the area lakes.

With these hot, muggy days, being out in the sun too long can sometimes cause more than a sunburn. It could be sun poisoning.

Unfortunately, it can cause problems for you down the road. For example, my wife was at the lake years ago and being out in the water too long under the direct sun causes her currently to have problems with being exposed to the sun.

Here's a few ways to tell the difference between the two.

1. Do you feel like you have the flu? Summer isn't really known as flu season so if you've been exposed to the sun for a long period of time and you're experiencing flu-like symptons, it could be a sign of sun poisoning.

2. Your skin prickles. You know when you have a sunburn. It hurts to touch the skin, but it it makes you want to scream it could be another sign of sun posioning.

3. Feeling lightheaded or dizzy? This usually a sign that you're dehydrated and you've had too much sun.

According to an article from Reader's Digest, a few more signs that may indicate sun poisoning include your skin blisters and a fever.

Take precautions by keeping yourself hydrated, take breaks from being in the sun for extended periods of time and apply uv protection liberally.

Woman with sunburn - Isolated
Amy Walters

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