So the 2018 baseball season is over and trade deals and speculations are starting to warm up across the leagues. One that is popping up is deal that would make most Royals' fans feel even better about the 2019 season.

The top 50 free agents will be signing deals during the off-season. It may be with the same team they were with in 2018 but for others, it will be a new location for the upcoming season.

According to an article on, one Royals rumor could be the Kansas City Royals resigning Mike Moustakas. In an article written by Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors, he believes the Royals will pick up Moose in an off-season deal. According to Dierkes it would be a 2-year deal worth about $16 million overall.

With the way Kansas City ended the second half of last year's season on an upward swing, having Moustakas as the anchor at third base sounds like a win-win situation for the team and Royals' fans for next year.

Red Sox V Royals
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