Xi Beta Upsilon, chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, with the assistance of the Mayor and the City Council have announced the winners of the City’s 43rd annual outdoor Christmas Light Contest.

First place is Roger Davis, 1614 W. 4th ($100)

Second place is Kevin Walker, 700 W. Broadway ($50)

Third place is Linda Meek, 1908 E. Broadway ($25)

Other entries included:

Cameron Hall 1010 Royal Blvd.
Lynn Arrand 1613 E. 7th St.
Michael Woodard 1215 Woods Dr.
Kenny Blankenship 220 S. Prospect Ave.
Carla Drollinger 315 S. Hancock Ave.
Amanda Weller 3004 Wing Ave.
Crystal Baker 2800 S. Stewart Ave.
Frank & Angela Arndt 801 E. 7th St.
Barbie Brauer 2115 E. 7th St.
Donald Holbert 402 N. Washington Ave.
Alise Sampson 1606 E. 16th St.
Jim & Kim Hazell 3210 Sweet William Lane
Carol Schibi 719 Katy Circle
Deidre Esquivel 1715 W. 18th

Light Contest Winners

Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

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