The Sedalia City Council met in a work session Monday night to discuss one of the most controversial issues it has faced in years; a smoke-free Sedalia. The council is apparently split on the issue with some councilmen showing a marked timidity on the subject, with others engaging in a heated debate on the subject.

There was a large crowd that filled the Mayor’s 2nd floor conference room last night (May 13), and many of those rose to speak either for or against an ordinance to ban smoking. The council will discuss the issue again at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 20, but unless there is a break in one side or the other, it could come down to a tie-breaking vote by the Mayor.

This may be an issue that will be settled by constituent input, with those who voted the council members into office pressuring their councilman to vote for or against. KSIS will be at the next meeting and will bring you the results.

Tell us which way you would like your elected councilperson to vote on this issue.

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