Chris Young who was backstage at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas at the time a gunman opened fire early Oct. 2, has been keeping fans abreast of the situation via social media since the tragedy's first moments. However, he hasn't made a formal statement since the event, only managing a shocked "I'm not gonna say anything else other than I'm lucky to be alive," tweet on Oct. 2.

The singer finally decided to speak out on Oct. 4, posting a video briefly discussing the event.

"People lost their lives, people were injured, and I’m so heartbroken over that," he said. "My thoughts are with those families and everyone who had to go through that ordeal. That should never happen at a concert.

"I hugged my family and talked about what I was going to do this week as far as the show I’m going to play tonight, but I’m a musician and music can heal."

Young was scheduled to play the Big Fresno Fair in Fresno, Calif. Oct. 4.

The singer utilized social media at the very beginning moments of the tragedy to describe the chaos. "Spent I don't know how long on the floor of a trailer behind the stage ... know multiple people are dead. Listening to that gunfire ..." he tweeted. "I'm literally shaking still."

Sadly, This Tragedy Isn't Without Precedent

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