Hello kids, once again from Blogland.  Well, there's a great event coming up that I wanted to tell everyone about, and mix it in with some of our own personal experiences.  The Sedalia Chorale is going to have their spring concert this weekend.  It's directed by Sandy Cordes, and if you were at all in vocal music in the Sedalia school system in the eighties or nineties, you knew Mrs Cordes, and you knew Britt Faaborg, who is the director of the Sedalia Middle School Honor Choir.  They're participating in this event, which is called "The Lighter Side of Choral Music".

I was involved in a lot of different musical programs as a young person, and now I have a job where I get to talk about music all day and listen to it all day.  It's pretty awesome.  But when I was a kid, I was a little more serious about performance of music.

I played the violin from about the age of nine and on.  I was in the orchestra in schools, and started out in the after school program at Horace Mann.  I played in school orchestras from then on and carried it on into college. I played the piano since I was about 14 or so, but now I think I've lost most of it since I don't have a piano. I still play violin sometimes just for fun, as a consequence of all those years of habit, I guess.  So because of that I didn't really get to do much with Mrs Cordes.  See, in high school, there was just one orchestra class, and usually that meant that I had to schedule my other classes around that.

And yes, the choir I was accepted in conflicted with Orchestra, so that meant no choir for me.  But occasionally she'd work with us on Smith Cotton's theater stuff.  They did a musical every year, and if I was in that, I'd get to go into the choir room with her.   I remember working very hard on the choir stuff when we did Oklahoma! my junior year.   Well, they're going to be doing the main song in this presentation!  So that'll be awesome.

Songfully yours,


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