There was a day when everything important, or at least to some it was deemed important, was posted at work on the bulletin board. Some of us even had a bulletin board at home to keep important info in one location.

I was looking at some of the bulletin boards we have at the radio station. As I walked around I found a total of 18 boards. Some have current information and some are hanging in their original locations with outdated material.

The reason I thought of bulletin boards today was I heard a bit from The Dan Patrick Show. He was talking to Patrick Mahomes about the subject of Scotty Miller of the Buccaneers saying he was the fastest man in the NFL. The subject of the Chief's bulletin board was brought up. How things are posted about other teams and/or players in regards to their upcoming opponent.

As I look at some of the subjects at the various boards some are dated back as far as 2018. I guess that's not too bad but I did find something that I know is outdated. Its a copy of the former Pettis County Emergency Management Agency Director Dave Clippert.



So I guess we need to go through every office and check to see what needs to be thrown away and what needs to be updated. Between that and checking all the plants around this place to make sure they've been watered, I think I've got a long day ahead of me!

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