Brett Eldredge isn't making fans wait for his next album to hear new music; rather, the country star has been sharing some new songs during recent concerts.

While opening up for Luke Bryan on Bryan's Kill the Lights Tour, Eldredge has given fans a taste of at least three new tunes: "Superhero," "Long Way Around" and "Sure Feels Good to Love Someone." Readers can press play above to hear "Superhero," as Eldredge performed it in Fayetteville, N.C. On YouTube, there's also footage of Eldredge singing the tune during a stop in Columbia, S.C.; according to, he opened shows in Richmond, Va., and New York City with the song as well.

The song "Long Way Around" has also appeared in Eldredge's recent sets. During his Greenville tour stop, the singer told the crowd that for his forthcoming album, he "wanted to write a song that, it kind of got deeper into love."

"You know, the kind of love that I'm looking for: the kind of love that, you want to know everything about that person," Eldredge explains. "I wrote this song about that."

"Sure Feels Good to Love Someone," meanwhile, is a peppy, upbeat tune; readers can press play below to hear it.

"When I wake up in the middle of the night / You're holding me so tight ... Sure feels good to love someone," Eldredge sings in the chorus of "Sure Feels Good to Love Someone." "You laugh at the way I dance / You smile when you hold my hand / I look at you and I understand / It sure feels good to love someone."

In late February, Eldredge released the first single from his next studio album, "Somethin' I'm Good At." Written by Eldredge and Tom Douglas, the song is about embracing your own quirks and gives Eldredge a chance to show off his goofy, fun side through rapid-fire lyrics and cute asides.

“It’s exciting to write and record a song that captures this side of me,” Eldredge says, adding, “This song captures my personality 100 percent, word for word, more than any song I’ve ever done.”

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