Brad Paisley closed his headlining tour over the weekend on a high note. During his performance of "She's Everything," Paisley stopped performing the song as a couple hopped up on the stage and got engaged. At first mistaking the wrong couple, he grabbed a fan's cell phone in the crowd to take photos, asking the man, "You sure you don't want to do it, too?"

As the man got down on one knee to propose, the crowd went wild. Paisley made the most of the moment, snapping a few photos for the newly-engaged couple. He then congratulated them with a handshake for the man and a big hug for the man's future wife, who was in tears.

"All right, let's let them dance," Paisley said before going back to singing "She's Everything" while filming the couple dancing on the stage.

"Did she say yes?" he asks — finally — at the close of the song. With two big thumbs up, the future bride let him know that she did, in fact, say yes to the proposal. As the couple were escorted off the stage, Paisley ended the song with some memorable guitar riffs.

A memorable end to Paisley's Crushin It Winter Tour with a proposal and pranking opener Eric Paslay, it was a night one couple will never forget.

Paisley is well known for his pranks, so previous opener Cam enlisted the help of Paslay to prank Paisley on her last night of the tour two weeks prior. Instead of Cam joining Paisley for a duet of "Whiskey Lullaby,” Paslay came out in a blond wig.

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