Bothwell Regional Health Center is making it a little easier for loved ones to visit patients in their care by relaxing their visitation rules and expanding visiting hours at the hospital.

Visits with patients will now be open to two visitors at a time. And Bothwell Regional Health has expanded visiting hours from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST. Visitors are asked to enter the hospital through the main entrance.

No visitors will be allowed for COVID-19 positive patients, or patients awaiting COVID-19 test results.

In the Emergency Department Bothwell Regional Health is now allowing one visitor at a time per patient. Due to lobby space and social distancing concerns additional visitors to the Emergency Department will be asked to wait in their cars.

This is great news for both patients in the hospital, and those family members and friends who wish to visit them. Hospital stays are no fun and having visitors can make a difficult experience a little easier for patients and their families.

Additionally, allowing one visitor at a time per patient in the Emergency Department has to be a relief to someone who winds up the ER for treatment due to not feeling well or because of some accident.

Bothwell is continuing to require all visitors to wear a mark throughout their visit. And those who arrive without a mask will be given one. Visitors are also asked to practice good hand hygeine, practice social distancing and take precautions when in contact with others. If you feel ill, are sick, or have COVID-19 virus like symptoms the hospital says you should skip visiting patients in the hospital until you are better.

Additionally, the Bothwell Cafeteria remains closed to visitors.

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