It's probably safe to say fans at the Opry Tuesday night (Sept. 25) weren't expecting to see a famous comedic actor hit the stage that evening, but that's exactly what happened when Bill Murray made an unannounced appearance during bluegrass band the SteelDrivers' set.

Murray joined yet another surprise guest, John Prine, for a performance of Prine's song "Paradise" along with the band. Banjo player Richard Bailey first announced Prine to the stage, then informed the audience that "The news just keeps getting better and better."

“I was just given a news alert," Bailey continued. "We have another old friend of the band who we actually appeared in a movie with. Mr. Bill Murray!"

The actor, who tapped the SteelDrivers for his 2009 film Get Low, strode on stage, high-fived Bailey, and waved to the cheering audience before joining in on the Prine tune. During an instrumental break, he informed the crowd that it was his debut appearance at the Opry.

Murray has been a longtime fan of the SteelDrivers, who famously once had Chris Stapleton on vocal duties, and has been known to show up at their concerts here and there. Last year, he even handed out tickets to one of the band’s shows in front of a Charleston, S.C. theater.

He's also apparently an admirer of Prine, having created a PSA of sorts to YouTube explaining just how Prine assisted him with getting his sense of humor back.

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