The powerful play of movie-to-TV reboots goes on, and FOX may contribute another verse. Following an announcement of its 'Minority Report' sequel series, the network has next wished up an "event series" reboot of the classic Tom Hanks comedy 'Big,' as shepherded by 'Enlisted' creators Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, FOX will adapt the 1988 comedy as a half-hour show under the "event series" model, describing the new 'Big' as "based on the movie that explores what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a kid — and how in today's world, those two things are more confused than ever." The original film saw Tom Hanks making a wish upon the coin-operated "Zoltar," only to wake up in the body of his adult self, and subsequently being forced to adapt to grown-up challenges.

With Yahoo having officially passed on a revival of critical favorite 'Enlisted,' Biegel and Royce will write the script and executive produce the half-hour comedy. Greenlit for a pilot script with penalty commitment, 'Big' will also likely follow the cable model for an episode count.

It's not the worst TV reboot idea we've heard, though admittedly one of the least expected. What do you think? Could 'Big' work on a smaller scale as a limited-run TV series? Who would you like to see living up to the original Tom Hanks role?

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