So I was looking over some stuff on the internet the other day for the big holiday, Mother's Day. I saw a bunch of different videos of Moms who were talking about the day, their kids, and how they hoped the kids would live their lives. 

They had all sorts of different life lessons and truths that they wanted their kids to know as they grew up.  I got to wandering, though, as my  mind does.  I thought to myself, "Self, you kind of knew all this growing up, but it's one thing to hear it from your family."  Well, what if you could hear it from YOURSELF?   Then that really got me to thinking, and I know that I'd tell my younger version of myself to do a few things differently.  I'd tell my ten year old self to take Spanish, not French.  I'd tell my ten year old self that "The Rule of Three" is stupid when someone is inviting you over.  If they ask you, they mean it.  Don't wait for them to ask three times. I'd probably also tell myself to somehow invest in Google.  What would you tell your ten year old self?

Wisely yours,