I've been reaching out to you guys and asking you a question every day, and you've been giving some great answers.  We've talked about everything from music to dreams to your past, and you haven't been shy about your opinions! Starting out on Monday, I asked you guys about something we could all use on a Monday morning: a little pick me up.  When you're stressed out at work, mad at your significant other, or frustrated about something - what's the song that can perk you up and get you out o that bad mood? For me, I cannot listen to the Beatles German language version of "She Loves You"without a smile.  It's just so ridiculous and catchy that it wins me over!

Celebration by Kool & the Gang.

Oh man, that one is a dancy, catchy tune! Everybody likes a little mini celebration.

Happy Birthday To You

Wow, this one I wouldn't have thought about! But I guess you've got a point there - you pretty much only hear that song when you're about to eat cake and get presents. How can that NOT make you happy?

On Tuesday, I asked you guys about your past.  If you could go back and talk to yourself when you were 10 years old - what would you say? For me, I'd probably tell myself to ignore the "rule of three" I read about in some etiquette book. It was this thing I read and kept to for years - the idea is that if someone asks you over or something, they don't really mean it unless they ask you three time.  Apparently otherwise, they're just being polite.  I missed out on so much fun and good times because someone only asked me to hang out twice.  Silly me.  Anyway, most of you had some similar thoughts; you'd encourage yourselves in several ways.

Don't worry about what others may think of you. Go for whatever you want, be yourself and not fearful.

That one's just good advice, period. That's applicable for any age, really.

Dont start smoking and be your own person.

I guess it's comforting to know that all of us seemed to go through the same problems with peer pressure. We all conformed a little bit.

Don't wear neon.

THERE IT IS. There's the listener jokes I know and love! Although really, there probably would be some good fashion choices to go through there. Ya might save yourself a little embarrassment.

On Wednesday, I asked you guys about your dreams. I had a really strange one this week about a rainbow creature that made everyone sing the same song. I often will have a recurring dream where I'm trying to run or yell and I either can't move or can't speak. You guys have some crazy dreams, too!

It is when I was searching for my sister, and ended up in various destinations from the beach to a bar to the back city alley, to abandoned houses.   It was weird as the same goal to find my sister remained present in my mind, set without even going to another place,  I just "appeared" in these places.

Oh, now that's a good one. Teleportation in your dreams! I guess the question is, did you find your sister? While we had some great answers there on the survey, I turned to the phone lines to get your official Snarky answer for this one.

I keep having a recurring dream that I'm calling in to a radio station..........OH MY GOD, IT'S HAPPENING!

Yuk, yuk, yuk. Oh, you guys - so funny.

On Thursday I asked you guys about your personal habits.  What's a habit that you've picked up over the years that you wish you could break?  For me, I have always wanted to be able to break the habit of fidgeting with my fingernails.  No matter what I do, I end up picking at them.  I could have my fingernails painted all pretty like and then in a couple days they're chipped and broken - and it's all 'cos I couldn't leave it alone. You guys had some different ideas than I did, though.

Popping my gum with my teeth.  I watched  my Mom do it. Also,  swearing and cussing from getting upset too quick.

Yeah, my language could be better, too. I have managed to insert more euphemisms into my vocabulary than the actual words though. I'll say "SHIRT" instead of.. you know, the other. Or, I'll say something like "BUSINESS AND NONSENSE" when I stub my toe. I bet I sound like an old lady when I do that!

Biting my nails. It started when I started working because of stress.

I wish I could blame mine on work. I was doing this way back in the day! Anyway, it's always good to know you're not alone in your imperfections, right?

Anyway. Join me again next week for our next round of Enquiring Minds, and weigh in with your opinions.  You can either fill out a survey, comment on a post, or comment on our Facebook.  But don't think you can't still take all our surveys if you missed one. Fill out any or all of our polls and surveys and you could get some more points for great prizes, like our 100 Days of Iron giveaway.

Enquiringly yours,

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