Last night, we reported that 20th Century Fox was shaking up its schedule, maneuvering sequels to ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ into new positions. However, one of the films given a new release date is a project that continues to perplex us: the adaptation of the popular video game ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ which was first announced ages ago as a franchise for Michael Fassbender. Will we ever see this movie or will it continue to keep shifting further and further backwards on Fox’s schedule until it vanishes altogether?

Right now (according to The Wrap), ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is set to open on December 21, 2016. It was originally supposed to open in August of this year, but that was obviously a pipe dream since there is still nothing in place besides Fassbender and director Justin Kurzel.

Honestly, Hollywood probably should delay more movies, especially when it comes to adaptations of massive video game franchises that could use a little finesse in their transition to the big screen. ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is a weird blend of science fiction and history that works on a console, but is going to need some serious TLC if it wants to actually function as a two-hour story. And then there’s the fact that every single video game movie ever made (yes, every one) has been terrible. Delay this one as much as you want, Fox. Get it right, or make it vanish!

So if you want to see a movie where the Oscar-nominated actor from ‘12 Years a Slave’ leaps off steeples and into barrels of hay, prepare to play the waiting game. You have two years of waiting ahead of you.

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