Is it just me or do the events that we usually gloss over have more significance due to COVID-19? I think we're paying more attention to annual events, i.e. birthdays and anniversaries, and also "calendar events", i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.

This year I feel like a lot of us are really looking forward to March 14 aka Daylight Saving Time. With this recent swing of the polar vortex invading us we definitely want the warmth back in the forecast. A good sign of the changing of the seasons is DST.

Something else to look forward to after we spring forward an hour with the clocks is the first day of Spring, and it just so happens, the first day of Spring is the following Saturday on March 20.

Then before you know it we hit Palm Sunday/Passover on March 28 with Good Friday landing on April 2 and Easter two days later on the 4th.

So getting back to Daylight Saving Time, when is it finally going to happen that we don't switch back and forth with the time change? One of the reasons why we switch to DST is to use it to make better use of daylight and to conserve energy. Farming was one of the big reasons for Daylight Saving Time. It helped as they had more light to work in the field but nowadays most ag equipment is equipped with lights so that reason doesn't hold much water.

In case you're wondering we switch back to Standard Time on November 7.

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