Well, it's getting dry: wet spring, dry summer.  Man, do we need some rain.  I sprained my ankle in a crack in my backyard it was so big.  Anyway, that's summer in Missouri.

I checked my trail cams and I'm getting some good pics already.  A lot of deer and turkey and some giant racoons.  That Trophy Rock and Big Tine is awesome.  We'll be posting details about our trail cam contest, which will be coming up fast.  We'll also be back at the fair this year with a Buck Scoring contest like last year and outdoor trivia.  It's going to be awesome.

There will be a meeting at State Fair Archery Club (2nd and Moniteau) on Wednesday, July 31, at 7:00.  We are going to keep the building, so we need IDBAs and help to make this an awesome indoor shooting facility, so come out with us and let's get this place hooked up for our archers and our new and young up and coming archers.  With all of that said, I talked with Jim Cuda from HybridMania, and last Saturday he caught some nice ones: 11 fish, all 9-11 lbs.  That's not even all of them, they released the ones under 9 lbs., so it was on like Donkey Kong.

Now on to my soapbox.  I have a lot of friends that our on Whiteman Air Force Base and contract with the base.  So, with "you know who" here last Wednesday, it was ridiculous.  Everyone knows I'm a gun-carrying, military loving, critter-killin' red, white and blue American.  I speak my mind, so here we go:

Obama comes to Whiteman Air Force Base and then on to Warrensburg with the most high-tech security, yes, armed to the hilt with armored Escalades, securing manhole covers and changing locks on buildings.  All to speak in Warrensburg.  If they would have used those resources in Bengazi, I feel that the outcome would have been a lot better.  I'm pretty sure that with all that security, Hilary wasn't overseeing the operation.

Well, off the soapbox.  But isn't it funny that we have a hard time buying ammo and these guys have an unlimited supply?  But they didn't want to use it in Bengazi.  If we had a conflict with Warrensburg, they had that covered.  Oh well.

Until next week, remember: pray and thank our military and keep the constitution where it belongs: in your heart and next to the bed with your Colt .45 ACP.  I do, and I sleep with peace of mind.